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3-8  ($ 11.99)  800-704-8697

Felt Kids Travel Playset 

Your child can now take along felt pieces for hours of story telling fun. They can make up stories with interchangeable felt figures, wardrobes and colorful accessories and place their felt "friends" in new themed settings. This tailor made for trips travel playset features a folding felt playboard with a carry handle and 24 felt pieces in a vinyl storage pocket to keep them clean and organized. The surface can be laid flat or as an easel for two sided play. Themes include Alice in Wonderland, Noah's Ark, Madeline, Little Red Riding Hood, Prehistoric, and a complete collection of playscenes. These felt activities encourage children to communicate, make up stories and have a good time at home or anywhere.

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6-15 mos ($19.99) 800-704-8697

Lamaze Soft Sorter 

This is a soft box of fabrics that allows the child to match shapes in the openings and open and close the doors to put the shapes in and out. This is something the babies will enjoy doing from 6 months and up and they will have a great time with the blocks and the colors. It folds up easily for travel. A new addition to the fine line of Lamaze Infant Development System.

Learning Resources 

5-8  ($9.95)  800-222-3909

Phonics Card Games 

Fast Track Learning Phonics and Math Card Games are another way to amuse and educate your child while on travel or at home. These portable learning tools are perfect. The Math Card Games, involve skills while children are learning math and they will be fascinated with the exotic wildlife on the cards. The Phonics games provide matching consonants, blends, vowels and word endings. Perfect way to travel and make engaging educational experiences.

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Thomas Wooden Railway System Figure 8 Set & Carry Bag 

Thomas the Tank Engine will continue to delight your child with this special Figure 8 train set. The high quality durable wood is of top quality. Your child will also enjoy watching or reading about Thomas. The characters and trains fit along the exclusive clickity-clack track that is straight and curved. Plenty of accessories like the town and bridge get placed in the right spot by your child who will have fun playing with the the whole set and the Thomas, Claribel, Annie vehicles. A special decorated carry bag holds the pieces for your next trip or for easy storage for $23.99. This wooden railway system is a great way for your child to develop travel and storytelling experiences without leaving home.

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Volcanic Crawler 

This new addition to the interactive Robotix Construction System. explores a volcano with a very realistic model similar to NASA's Volcanic Explorer. It's powered by two high-speed motors. The mechanism allows the vehicle to walk through all types of terrains. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor play. Your child can have fun and learn more about science by putting it together then watching and controlling the movements. It's securely made and has a wireless remote control.