New Hope Records 

2-8  ($10.98)  800-248-9171

Animals at the Zoo 

Bobby Susser with a background in early childhood education has written many songs for children. The latest collection is "Animals at the Zoo." This collection of easy-to-learn songs encourage children understanding the animals they visit at the zoo. They learn about different species and become more familiar with animals. Songs include a parrot, monkey, turtle and giraffe. This is terrific music to make your child enjoy a trip to the zoo even more. Other tapes include Wiggle Wiggle Exercise and Respect and Confidence.


North American Bear 


3-12  ($36.00)  800-682-3427

Career Shoppers Purse 

A perfect carrier to take along favorite things when shopping, traveling or playing. This is a large, colorful career gear professional shopper's purse. Made in leopard print it measures 9" x 7". It's handy for carrying and comes with coin purse, lucky penny rattle, squeak toy lipstick and mylar hand mirror. This is a great item for your child to carry along on a trip filled with her own special items.

North American Bear 





Barnyard Calf Bag 

A terrific, soft bag to carry around at home or on travel. It is patterned with black bovine spots, hooves and handles. The body conceals a zippered interior with a matching red and white checkered neck ribbon. The same bag is offered as a piglet, and a lamb. They are padded and large enough to carry small toys, trinkets and treasures. Easy to machine-wash. This is a fun accessory for any trip or in and around home.



10-12  ($4.95)  310-638-4732

Soccer Robot 

The perfect gift for your child with scientific and mechanical interests who will enjoy this new battery-operated robot kit. The young scientist can build an exciting interactive robot during vacation or after school following the clear instructions. There are six operational kicking mechanisms, including a control box and ball. A robot goes forward, backward, turns left or right, and can turn 360 degrees. Your child will find this unique product fun and entertaining. He also will find this a terrific product to impress his friends. A unique line of electronic robot devices are available from this company. Teachers benefit from their series of technology curriculum and science projects.