Promotional Resource Specialty 


3-10  ($13.95)  201-666-2100


This is an original fabric book your child can use over and over again. Machine-wash it includes 10 washable fabric markers. The child can draw pictures, write a story or doodle. Take along on any trip for use along the way or when they get to the destination. This is fun, creative play.




6-10  ($9.99)  800-342-8458

Beginner Stitchery 

Your child can have fun learning about needlepoint with these delightful pictures. Included are pictures, bookmarks, key chains and a bean bag. The kits include canvas, precut felt, yarn, plastic picture frame, key chain and a needle that is safe to use. The designs include a kitten, heart, butterfly, teddy bear and puppy. The end results are enjoyed by your child to keep or give as gifts. Deluxe set has hearts, butterfly, a puppy all contained in one package.




5-10  ($10.99)  342-8458

Foil Creations 

An excellent company of crafts of many kinds offers the experience of making art with foil. The designs are pre-embossed and the child can decorate them with paints. There are six 5x7 pre-embossed foil pictures, paints, tools and paintbrushes, plus mats for framing. The results are beautiful pictures worth framing. Products are safe and interesting. Designs include sea life, insects and birds, pets and space. New versions of cat, elephant, zebra and giraffe are sure to please.

Rand McNally 


8-12  ($16.95)  800-333-0136

Trip Tracker 

This journal and game book is geared to help children chronicle their trips in a colorful journal. It has stickers, make-your-own postcards, photos, and markers. Everything is included to make traveling fun. There's plenty of room to draw, make pictures, write, plus there are travel games, puzzles and bingo, and many stickers. It's a great product for any child who will be traveling. The alphabet stencil encourages the child to create decorative letters on their postcards. A U.S. map included with places to put pictures, autographs and pages to create imaginative stories. A great value.