Rivertree Productions 

8-12  ($49.95)  800-554-1333

The Odyssey 

Outstanding storyteller Odds Bodkin enthralls children with unique rendition of the Odyssey, Epic by Homer. Four hours and eight minutes covers the story in total detail plus a Celtic harp and a 12-string guitar. A color poster of the Odyssey Adventure Map is included. Will be enjoyed as the child is traveling or when they reach their destination. Children really appreciate being read to and Odds Bodkin is tops in the field of storytelling. Suggested books to accompany the story are by Rosemary Sutcliffe, Black Ships Before Troy and Wanderings of Odysseus, Delacourt Press. Adults and teachers will enjoy an Elementary Odyssey, Teaching Ancient Civilization Through Story by David Millstone, Hinemann Press. Children benefit from listening, learning geography and ancient history along with mythology as they enjoy this very special product. Available as 4 cassette set ($34.95)


Rock 'N Learn 

7-12  ($9.95)  800-348-8445

Dinosaur Rap 

Children fascinated with dinosaurs will fully enjoy this combination audio tape and book. Answers many questions about these amazing creatures. Over forty dinosaurs are included. Covers information children enjoy learning in a fun, easy way with music, raps, sound effects and plenty of illustrations. Dinosaurs amaze and impress children so this set is a perfect take-along for travel or when school begins. Your child can create his own Jurassic Park in the backyard. A carefully researched production with eye-catching illustrations. This company has wonderful tapes in many subject areas.



4-8  ($14.99)  800-362-8656

Dip & Print Sponge Set 

This set of dip and print sponges paint set is terrific to use to explore creativity. Sponges have different shapes. There are three tubs of paints, reusable mixing bowls plus 40 sheets of paper. Everything you need for a child to have great fun indoors or outdoors. When the pictures dry they can be placed on display.



3-12  ($13.98)  212-833-5358

Around the World 

Tom Chapin, presents 16 original songs featuring music from around the world. This is a celebration of understanding the differences in food, language, and dancing. It is important that children learn about the world and this tape will help them to understand more. For example, songs are about didjeridoo, an instrument from Australia; a balalaika from Russia and a ukelele from Hawaii. Another song is about the endangered elephant.



3-5  ($12.98)  212-833-5358

Kid's Guide to Life 

This video "Telling the Truth" stars Dennis Quaid. The child in the story tries to impress his friend by telling him his uncle is a circus ringmaster, but the lie turns into a problem. Will his friends be mad when he discover the truth? The set involves the Sesame Street format and is a delightful and educational video


3-5  ($12.98)  212-833-5358

Rainbow Fish 

The Rainbow Fish is based on an award-winning book. He has sparkling sails and is the most beautiful fish in the sea. He finds himself alone due to his selfishness. He finds out what good comes from sharing things you care about. The second story is "Dazzle the Dinosaur." He has an adventure to save his home and solve many problems along the way. A delightful video your child will enjoy.

2-10  ($13.98)  212-833-5358

Songs From A Parent 

Art Garfunkle continues to gather fans through his new album featuring his wife and 6-year-old son and other musicians. He has created new music, songs like "Your Wonderful One," "Good Luck Charm," "Morning Has Broken." This album includes wonderful songs that both children and adults will enjoy together