8-12  ($29.95)  800-713-1105

Discover America 

Discover America is a board game for two or more players. The game board and the size of it is perfect for travel or great for getting ready for a trip. It's a mix of history, geography, fads, culture, songs, books, quotes, states and capitals. Journey around the game board with Washington, D.C. as the ultimate destination. Go cross-country from Hawaii to Washington, D.C. with plenty of traveling situations. Deluxe edition $39.95.




6-12  ($29.95)  800-526-9569

StofLox Kit 

These building kits provide children with an opportunity to create an environment that is fun and allows them to create scenes using their own imagination. This is an opportunity for children to use their own thinking to create the environment they want. This goes beyond the tents or forts that you make with a blanket or a clothesline. It gives them a sturdy play environment for a puppet, classroom, spacecraft or any other imaginative experience they want to make. You can do this with your child in setting it up indoors or outdoors. The kits come in two sizes: 4x3-foot sections to make it four foot-tall structures going over several rooms or a table top kit, with foot sections for use with small figures,diecast vehicles and dolls. Interchangeable pieces include castles, puppet, barn, playhouse rooms, garage, and village. They can be assembled by the child or you can do it together. The walls can be decorated as the child wishes. Pieces fit together for easy storage.


Straight Edge 


6-12  ($5.00)  800-732-3628

USA Color A Mat 

Your child will have fun creating a placemat with crayons, coloring in the different states that he might travel to or finding different places friends are going to. Place mats come in a very easy-to-carry storage container. Color and wipe off easily with dry napkin. Four non-toxic wipe-off crayons are included. It's a great product to use while at the restaurant. They are 11 x 17 dimensions. A reasonable price and great value.


Street Gold Records 

2-10  ($15.95)  800-720-5152

Doo-Wop & Lollipops 

These are songs by an adult top singing group. They have fun singing music that children will enjoy learning. Songs include "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "Hush-a-bye," and "Little Red Shoe." Singers are excellent performers. These are great tapes to take along for children who are ready to learn more songs and enjoy music while they're traveling.