Sun Feather Natural Soap 


4-12  ($4.95)  315-265-3648

Washy Squashy 

New fun added to bath time with a non-toxic modeling soap. Both children and adults will enjoy squishing and squashing new figures and creatures you can make from the soap using imagination. Air dry and you can use the soap again. Made from natural ingredients. Triangle box contains 3-oz. canisters plus an activity book. Refills are available. Sun Feather Herbal Soap Company offers an extensive line of products for all ages, including baby soap. Soap making kit would be fun for an older child. A portion of sales go to "Stop It Now," a Massachusetts-based organization, to stop abuse of children.

Think A Ma Jig 


3-12 ($8.00) 415-512-7930

Flashlight Fish 

There are many fish and sealife that live deep beneath the ocean. The unusual fish produced by this innovative company become an interesting flashlight. The fish holds the flashlight, when squeezed lights up. The child can learn more about the fish as they are each distinctive and accurate designs and by reading. Great fun to take to the beach or on a camping trip. Flashlights include a pony fish, a football fish, a hatchet fish and a pinecone fish.


Think A Ma Jig 

3-12 $8.00 415-512-7930

Vampire Squid 

Fill this accurate looking creature with water and squirt it out. Water comes out through the tentacles. It's another great item to take along to the beach or to play with in the backyard. Find a book about fish and squid to help answer the many questions these items will raise. These fish are part of new, design products


TiffHill Productions 





Include US! 

The first video that explores the lives of children with and without disabilities. A musical, it promotes acceptance, understanding, inclusion, self-esteem and fun. The creator whose daughter has Down Syndrome realizes all children need to understand the child with disabilities. Music and fun helps all children understand. A must for every school and every program that serves children to help expand their awareness of disabled children and for all children to accept one another. An extensive Educator's Guide is available to help teachers develop lesson plans.