Tiger Electronics 


5-12  ($12.99)  847-913-8100

Giga Pets 

Part of a growing trend of virtual pets, this new, innovative, electronic pet will delight your child and keep keys intact. Interactive sequences, include feeding, playing and bathing. Also includes animation, letters that you can give a name to your pet, a clock function, and no limit to life span if the pet is cared for. Your child can take care of a dog, cat, dinosaur, alien, chimp or critter. Through the process of taking care of their interactive pet, they may learn responsibility and become more aware of what is necessary to take care of any pet. A great little item.

Tiger Electronics 

5-12  ($19.99)  847-913-8100

Lite 3 

Lite 3 is a tic-tac-toe board that lights up red and green when pressed. Players take turns lighting the buttons and try to get three in a row. This is a great game to play while on travel and all levels of ability can play together. It's challenging fun

Tiger Electronics 


8-12  ($14.99)  847-913-8100

Travel Brain Bash 

A great game to take along for travel. An electronic voice command that tells you what to do. Keep track of the voice command to play and win the game. Five different games include Direct Command, Mad Mask, Keep Track and Progression. It's like the traditional game of Concentration with a new twist. There are challenges to coordinate, memory and math skills. There's background music. You can play up to four players. Great for kids and parents to do together. Definitely perfect on the go


Tiger Electronics 

8-12  ($29.99)  847-913-8100

Word Chaos 

Word Chaos is an electronic word search game. You play against yourself or with another person to put together as many words as possible. You use a special stylus pen. You press "Enter" key to search a 30,000 word dictionary for accuracy. If it recognizes the word the screen flashes and beeps signaling a win. You spell as many words as you can from the letters provided. It's portable and fun for everyone.