Wild Planet Toys 


5-12  ($30.00)  800-247-6570

Zolo Cozmo 

Summertime should be full of adventure and creativity. With this new creative, construction toy, your child can produce unlimited possibilities. You can join in the fun creating innovative art. Started as a handcraft from the Museum of Modern Art now made in high quality, durable plastic the pieces are available in three sizes. Each set is totally distinct. Zolo Cozmo is 38 pieces and includes everything needed to create amazing characters. A most innovative, creative construction for open-ended play whether at home, in the backyard or on travel this collection will please your young artist.


Williamson Publishing 


4-10  ($12.95)  800-234-8791

Kids' Nature Book 

Delight your child with this 365 activities book to do indoors and outdoors. Activities include plants, birds, weeds, pollution, preserving flowers, dealing with bites, science experiments, nature games, making things for every child to be able to do every season of the year. It's chockful of excellent activities and is a great value. There are additional resources for your child to continue their involvement with resources of organizations and where to purchase supplies. An excellent manual for exploring the outdoors any time of the year.



1-12 mos  ($45.00)  800-541-1345

Discover & Go Playmat 

A great travel product allows you to keep your baby occupied on a mat that folds easily into the back of a carseat. This encourages visual activity and coordination. High contrast colors are easy for the baby to see. Geometrics shapes and designs are easy to put on and off with velcro. It's soft and easily washable. Pack this along for a contented baby.

Yes! Entertainment 

2-5  ($9.99)  800-222-9376

Pet Toonies 

A variety of funny animals including a duck, kitty, dog and pig that play their songs in their own styles and sounds. Children can add their own giggles and sing-along to favorite nursery rhymes, Careful directions are given about battery replacement at the bottom of each box. Be sure to follow directions of the manufacturer. Turn the dial to select the song and move the dial for fast or slow music. Roscoe the Dog has great woof woofing sound. Good for auditory skills.


Yes! Entertainment 

5-12  ($12.99)  800-222-9376

Yak Bak Balls 

Yak Bak Ball is in the shape of a small football. You hold down the button and record; toss it and after you catch it, squeeze or hit it and hear the message. This is certainly going to delight children playing in their backyard this summer. The grips are easy to catch. You can have a lot of fun going back and forth. It's a good product to get children active outdoors.


Yes! Entertainment 






This product has a variety of different characters in which you press the button on the front of their tummy and record, press up the feet and you hear your recording over and over again. Keep kids entertained while they are traveling. Good for communication skills.