Conceptual Math Media

This is a board game for two or more players. For older children to help them understand the importance of learning about algebra. The playing board has 23-page rules booklet and 190 tiles. Player draws nine tiles that include numbers and operations. Players form equality statements, called equations. The objective is to receive a high score. The harder the tile is to play, the more points it's worth. Players can improve their scores by taking advantage of board positions. The player accumulating the highest total score wins the game. The game can take from 1 to 5 hours as it is adaptable to many levels and abilities. Children need more math experiences. Dr. Toy has been looking at many innovative products that can help combat this serious deficit. This product is a math equivalent of Scrabble, designed by an educator who saw the need for developing more interesting math products. This game is not about speed but about thinking. A fun way to test your child's ability to understand math.