Discovery Toys
Hammer Away!
19 mos-5

Your child will enjoy playing with this delightful tugboat. He will have an opportunity to use physical expression and coordination. This well-made product will be a source of delight and an opportunity to channel aggression in a positive way and get good results from their actions. This is well made, sturdy and well designed. As kids hammer, they make the ball disappear down the chute and reappear on the other side of the boat. They are developing eye-hand coordination, see the cause and effect and develop their feelings of confidence. The tray around the boat captures the balls so that it reduces the possibilities of their getting lost. This is a safe and interesting way for the child to express themselves. A perfect indoor and outdoor product. This colorful tugboat has colorful knobs at the top to hammer and as the balls pass through, they come out through the base of the boat. Sturdy and fun, this is an excellent choice for your energetic preschooler. Your child can be the captain of his own ship and set sail and move his boat whenever he wishes to. This company was created 20 years ago by a mother and teacher who cared to provide educational, fun products to her child and others.