Galactic Attic
Moonshot The Game

Your young scientist will enjoy playing this innovative game. It allows you to follow the America's race to the moon. The cards are designed with not only for the game but contain historical information about the astronauts, events and machines. There are six phases of the lunar mission modeled on Mercury, Gemini and the Appollo Missions. The object is for the first player to complete any combination of missions and land on the moon. You use fuel supply to launch the equipment and you move a playing piece to a spot on the game board. Once the mission has been completed a player collects a patch and gains more fuel. The more fuel you have the faster you complete your mission. The cards such as alarms and events are unexpected aspects. This game is developed with NASA photography and is intended for 1 to 4 players. It is fun for everyone to play plus it offers a lot of useful information. The photography is excellent, the concept challenging. There are 180 cards in the deck, 28 diecut NASA mission patches, a 20x20 playing board and a storage tray.