Kathe Kruse
Fingerpuppet Glove "Magic-Hand"

The Fingerpuppet Glove "Magic-Hand" is made of cotton stockinette. It stretches to fit different hands. It comes in one size only. It has a black felt cover so all the characters can appear and disappear. Children love the peek-a-boo effect. Bright colors and unique characters keep the children entertained while they're traveling or waiting just to have fun. Your child can have a stage using their own hand. The fingerpuppet glove can be used by parents and children to entertain each other. It's a great way to develop language skills. Nothing can come loose and it's very handy. Kathy Kruse makes puppets, a puppet theater and soft playhouse. Wonderful products designed by a founder who began business in 1883. After becoming a mother she traveled around and decided to make her own dolls and toys that are beautifully made with a handcrafted touch.