Koallla Vallley Toy
Booxies Storybook Pals
infant-8 yr

Booxies is more than a storybook and more than a cuddly pal. It's a new category. They have books that open up to reading. There are five classical nursery rhymes plush books. The stories turn inside out and convert to a musical plush storybook. There's interactive fun of moving between the characters in the pillow to the book to the toy. Each converts from the storybook pillow to a musical, huggable plush pal. Some of the themes are Mary Had A Little Lamb, Old MacDonald, Humpty Dumpty, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the Brahm's Lullaby Bear. You can listen to the musical rhyme by just giving the left hand of each character a squeeze. Parents and children will enjoy reading and enjoying the soft book together.