Panasonic Interactive Media
Elmer's Cut & Build 3D

Panakids is a new educational software label. This brand new product allows the child to create, print, and build 3-D paper worlds. It's a complete kit with a pair of scissors and three bottles of Elmer's glue included. Your young architect can build their project and navigate a helicopter over 3-D landscape. The child use familiar shapes to design a structure. They size and position the shapes, add color and texture. Castle and dollhouse templates are provided and can be used as models, but your child can develop their own original building from a castle to a whatever they wish. Great for expanding imagination. These are the kinds of products that are really helping children get the most from the new age of computers. There are complete instructions on how to cut, fold and assemble all of the pieces. There will be additional programs in this area to build on.