Aaron's Balloon Animals
How To Make Balloon Animals
6-12 yrs.

A popular party activity this kit is made by one of the world's premier balloon sculptors and author of Balloon Animals, Balloon Hats and Accessories, and Balloon Cartoons and Other Favorites(ContemporaryBooks,Chicago). Aaron has taught clowns, mimes, magicians, circus clowns and other children's performers how to sculpt balloons. He is one of the quickest balloon sculptors in the world and has a menagerie of over a hundred animals he can sculpt out of balloons. This product will help children to appreciate the joy of twisting bright, inflatable balloons into creations. The kit is complete with 20 balloons, 80 page book with easy illustrated steps for making 10 balloon animals including dinosaurs, teddy bears, rabbits, other animals and giraffes. This fun activity is great for eye hand coordination, creativity and self- expression.