Discovery Toys
Measure Up! Cups
12 mos-2yrs.

This product allows the child to learn sequence and volume. The cups are filled and emptied. Dump and fill and do this over and over again and they will enjoy using their very own special measuring cups. These are made in bright blue, green, red, yellow primary colors and they stack easily inside each other. Items can go into the cups and additional games can be made. There are decals that fit inside are to count from 1 to 12. Graduated size will give your child a lot of enjoyment in learning how to fit things into each other. They can stack, knock them down and start over again. There are suggested games in the for parents, including the game of object constancy where you put an object under a cup, hide it, the child realizes and picks it up. He can learn to make things appear and reappear. Use the cups for math measurement by using sand, water, or beans to use one cup to fill up the second cup, fill up the third cup and so on. A great item for toddlers.