3-8 yrs.

Arcobaleno means rainbow in Italian. The 12 Asymmetrical curved, hardwood blocks (range in size from 3 5/8" to 8 5/8") in the colors of the rainbow is a beautiful and creative product that will allow your child to create many delightful structures. Children develop their imagination, perception, language, logic and math skills. Instructions include parent and teacher guide to aid the child in expanding the use of the products by asking provocative questions-Can you tell me about the tunnel you made? Can you make a round house? Can you put the colors back so they look like the rainbow? Toy designer, Karen Hewitt and furniture designer, Michael Delaney, created this innovative product. They saw the potential for the Arcobaleno from their respective points of view. Karen selected the pieces, modified their sizes,added color, and created a wooden tray to hold them in one unit.