Santa Fe Special Freight Set
8-12 yrs.

This Santa Fe Special Freight Set is die-cast, steam locomotive, puffs smoke, and blasts warnings. It has an authentic steam whistle sound. This steam locomotive will travel wherever the child would want it to go plus it pulls boxcars, auto flat cars with two vintage cars, a trailer and has an animated log-dump car, and illuminated caboose. In addition, the set includes grade crossings and 27 x 63 inches of figure "O" track and a 40-watt power control system. This is a classic train that will please your young engineer. In 1900 Joshua Lionel Cowen founded the Lionel Manufacturing Co. near New York City Hall and began production on the Electric Express, the first Lionel train displayed and designed for window shopping. In 1902 the first catalog was produced. The catalog featured the Electric Trolley and Suspension Bridge. In 1903, the first electric locomotive debuted. In 1906 Lionel introduced the 3-rail track system, standard gauge. In 1915, the small, less expensive "O" gauge trains were introduced. In 1918, the name of the company was changed to The Lionel Corporation. In 1958, Lionel introduced HO gauge. This company continues to expand and delight train enthusiasts of all ages.