3-12 yrs.

This activity kit allows your child to develop a wearable work of art. In the kit is construction paper and pastels. Your child can use markers, crayons, paints, collages, or photos. Once the work is done in 9x12 flat format it can be transferred to a variety of products including tote bag, mug, tee shirt, or mouse pad. Your child can use the object themselves or provide their art as a gift to their parents, grandparent or anyone else.


2-9 yrs.

Marvelous Mouth Music

This product includes 21 games that help children learn music and with their speech development. Some of the music includes "Kumbaya," "Skip to My Lou," and other fun songs children will enjoy. It's been created to be a specifically helpful tape for children who have language delays. Select the audiocassette or CD along with a a 36-page booklet on "How to Enhance Speech Development". The songs were designed by Dr. Susanne Evans Morris to give parents and teachers help in assisting children with language therapy.


Berco Industries

Funday Jar

This nicely illustrated box contains a jar with a series of fun activities for a years worth of suggestions. There are color stickers (blue for winter, orange for summer and green for indoor). You select an activity and will easily find recipes and instructions for fun things like making pizza or apple pie or for games, building, making designer shirt or building a bird house. The spiral notebook keeps track of the activities. There is space for including a record of the activities and a card can be pasted into the space provided to mark the date, draw a picture, write a story, or photograph. By the end of the year your child and you will have many happy memories. You can suggest your own Funday activities to this Canadian company. All the activities are easy to do and inexpensive. Promotes having fun and being creative as a family.


Big Idea Productions
312-669-1400 x111


This unique video called "The Veggie Tales" combines excellent computer animation, music, and humor to make it fun for everyone in the family. The story involves characters that include friendly asparagus, tomatoes, cucumbers while teaching values and feelings. The stories help children understand other people and appreciate differences. Lessons include honesty, forgiveness, courage, and sharing. Developed by Phil Vischer, a concerned parent and creative technical person. This is a program that is fun and positive way to teach values.