Binary Arts

Stormy Seas

A perfect puzzle for travel includes sliders that create the waves and channels you need to navigate your boat as it moves through. There is an instruction booklet, puzzle cards with different levels of play from beginner to more advanced. Everything fits into a drawer to store while you're traveling. This game was invented by Hiroshi Yamamoto.




This product is part of the new BRIO Waterways a new play set for children to enjoy and extend waterplay. This set has a series of activities including two locks with 15 pieces and 8 connectors, a water pump for controlling the water level, a crane and two boats. Pieces are interchangeable. It is 38" x 21" assembled. The activities will provide great fun for children out of doors or in areas where splashing water will not be a problem. Children will learn to pump water and move the boats through the channels. Everything is watertight so there will be no leakage. The series is made out of a beautiful blue plastic that provides realistic play.



Spell Time

Spell Time is an easy to understand game to help your child learn to spell words. It is fun to use in a colorful travel pack. Preschoolers will learn to follow the picture card and choose a letter tile that matches the first colored square. If it's the right answer the letter tile fits. If it's not correct, the child can try again. There are 15 picture cards and 78 letter tiles to be used for one or more players. This game will help children can gain confidence in their ability to spell. This is an important learning process for children and this is a great product to help learn spelling.



Sum Time

Sum Time is a valuable guide to learning numbers and understanding basic number concepts. Children can learn simple counting activities through multiplication. The child counts the objects or animals, then puts the numbered tile with the correct answer in the matching square. The tiles are self correcting. If the answer is correct the tile fits. If it's wrong the child can try again. The child will have the opportunity to do addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The entire set comes in a reusable plastic carrying case. There are 15 counting cards and 78 numbered tiles. Child can play alone or with others.