Carear Productions


Drawings of dinosaurs at work illustrate over 180 different occupations. The drawings are printed on trading cards. This was developed by an elementary guidance counselor to respond to the need for helping children understand potential career choices. The front of each card shows the dinosaur in an occupation with the occupation's name. The back describes the occupation. There is a companion book of 49 activities. This is great for teachers as well as parents to use to help children expand their awareness of the different available occupations. Additional materials include a video and dictionary of occupations.


Carpe Diem Games

Alphabet Zoop

This box includes a great set of four card games: Monkey's Uncle, Old Maid, Big Fish (which is a takeoff on Go Fish), and Mr. Moose's Memory Match (a flipping game where you try to remember where the animals are hiding). There are 56 easy to use alphabet cards, two cards of rules, and a set of tips for parents and teachers included in a handy and sturdy storage container. Illustrations are fun. This is a good way to help children learn to take turns, have a good time while they learn new games.


College Street Publishing

We Gotta Start Summer

This is a wonderful set of traditional music offered as both a CD and audio tape. These delightful songs are fun for children to enjoy learning during the summer. Songs I learned as a child will continue to be enjoyed by a whole new generation of children. They include "In the Good Ol' Summertime," "Bicycle Built for Two: and other great classics. This is music the whole family can sing while driving in the car adding to having a good time.