Aqua Vue

Aqua Vue is a unique, oversized magnifier that can float on the water while looking through the lens. Children will really enjoy seeing more of their environment and plants, rocks, crevices, insects. They will come to understand better the environment they can more clearly see. You can use the wrist strap cord at the outer edge and attach the strap to the Aqua Vue so it doesn't float away. It works best in clear water between 7 and 18 inches deep. Your child will be amazed looking at objects through this colorful new magnifier.


DCP Games

Cube Checkers

Cube Checkers increases the original strategy of the traditional checkers game. Instead of only repetition of patterns and moves there are two changes. You can move two moves on each turn, the regular move, and the second to roll a cube over to the next highest number. When the cube reaches the maximum number of six rollover, it is moved to the end row of the opponent and becomes king. Games like this help children to develop their logic and thinking skills. The American Mensa Society acknoledged this product as a top new game. Dr. Toy agrees this game has a lot of play value and will assist children develop mental abilities.


Digital Frog Int'l

Digital Field Trip to the Rainforest

Based on hundreds of photographs and a great deal of information, this CD-Rom program provides the sights and sounds of the rainforest. This a unique new product is realistic, clear and exciting. Your child will move easily from animals to puzzles, activities, films, and an amazing tour with plenty of educational tie-ins. Well done, exceptionally interesting product by a superb team of Canadian experts.