Gateway Learning

Hooked on Phonics-Learn to Read

This program helps your children gain reading skills and appreciation. Your child gains many skills to unlock the tools needed for reading. The newly formed company has developed new programs. Each level uses a 3-step process. The child learns the letters of the sounds, combinations, sounds out words, and reads. A total of 30 books and 49 stories are available. The program is designed to teach essential reading skills moving children through 5 levels of lessons with activities of stories and playing games. A well thought out, highly professional program.



Magic Attic Club Rose Doll

This doll is the newest member of the Magic Attic Club with a storybook and beautiful design. Her heritage is a Native American Cheyenne. This series offers girls contemporary play, dolls and books. Your child can become a member of the club and will receive a membership card, poster, stickers, postcards and a catalog.


Gibson Greetings

Silly Slammers

This fun, soft bean bag encourages children to throw and play. The bag makes a funny remark when dropped or thrown. They are fun for children to carry along on a trip as they are soft and can reduce the stress of travel. Plus they definitely provide a lot of laughs on rest stops and arrival at destination.


Go Kid Productions

Clap to It!

This 27 minute videotape introduces an old fashioned activity, hand-clapping games. Children will learn different hand claps like "Miss Mary Mack", "A Sailor Went to Sea", and others. The games are easy to learn and fun. This activity develops cooperative play, extends creativity and helps them to create their own hand-clapping games. Children participate plus develop skills in movement and coordination. A great stress reliever and way for children to play together.