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This game helps children learn to make the right choices. The theme is to help understand right, wrong, issues as importance of education, charity and problems such as drugs, crime and violence. These issues need to be discussed within the family. Everyone learns as the game is played. Move through different pathways while play helps children better understand issues. The players seek to collect gold stars and avoid black marks. Through this game, children learn to understand what will power can do to avoid some of the hard problems.


24-36 mos.

Playskool Barney Song Magic Banjo

The Barney Song Music Banjo makes music and enables the child to change eight different songs by the wave of their hand. They can easily make the instrument sound different. It's easy to grasp. Barney's smiling face is on the head of the banjo. The child can change the songs and instruments by pressing two different buttons.


12-24 mos.

Playskool Musical Ice Cream Cart

This is a delightful summertime play activity as the child walks while moving the colorful ice cream cart. It has music just like the real truck does. There is a storage area for pieces plus ice cream pops in a shape-sorted tray. The arms move up and down as your child drop the coins in. There's a hand that holds the ice cream cones as they scoop ice cream into the cone. As the child moves along the music plays, the arms move up and down, and the child actively role plays. This is colorful, durable, and great for developing communications skill.


Instructional Fair/TS Denison

Quick Games from Trash

A collection of fun activities to give your child a chance to learn and recycle items that might otherwise be thrown away. These activities are perfect for use at home or in the classroom. Everything is contained in the book with directions and samples to follow. This is excellent for parents who want to help their child learn and have fun. There are activities that involve language, spelling, and math. There are over 40 activities included in this well designed 240-page publication.