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FeltKids Interactive Playbooks

These delightful products are perfect to take along on a trip or to play at home. Each set includes about 35 play pieces. There are 10 soft pages, activity cards plus a tote for travel or storage. The themes are "Discovering Animal Habitats," which include 5 habitats, Africa, Artic, desert, woodland, and rainforest and animals plus the activity cards. "The ABC Book" includes upper and lower case letters with scenes, sentences, activity cards and suggested exercises. "Let's Put on a Show" has 5 different backdrops, props, instruments and a boy and girl in costumes. Your child can decorate "The Play House" with 5 backgrounds for different rooms in the house. These products entertain, educate and help your child with communications skills.


Learning Curve International

Kid Classics Threading Cheese

This line of 8 toys are very well made in bright and bold colors with familiar characters. This one is "Threading Cheese". This is a large block of wooden cheese that takes a preschooler through the skills of weaving the mouse which is attached to the block with a line. It helps your child develop coordination and fine motor skills. Going from in and out, left to right helps children gain small muscle coordination and control. Your child can count each time they thread, going in different ways. Child learns to coordinate while having a lot of fun.


Learning Curve International


These ingenious hand puppets are uniquely designed two-handed puzzle puppets that fit together when the players hands come together in a special way. Your child will learn a new figure pattern when they bring their two hands together and lace their fingers. These puppets are available as elephant, walrus, rabbit, dragon, mouse, and dog. Children can role play with these puppets and are fun for everyone.


Learning Curve International

Robotix Nightcrawler

Robotix's construction system helps children learn, expand their imagination, have fun and develope finger dexterity. This set glows in the dark for added excitement. These products are based on real robotics engineering. Children can use the motorized products as well as the hand-held ones. This is a challenging, educational program sure to delight your young engineer or architect.


Learning Curve International
18-36 mos

Tub Frogs

This playset gives the child three frogs on a lily pad to play with. They're easy to grasp and create special bathtime fun. There is a dragonfly whose wings start to spin when set under the running water. It is interactive. Two of the frogs squirt water. The child learns motor skills, colors and comes into contact with nature. The lily pad has a stream, sprinkle, and offers enjoyment. This is a new outdoor play product in the Lamaze Infant Development System.