Leisure Learning Products


This edition of an excellent educational product provides children with the opportunity to learn how to put together a 64-piece jigsaw puzzle and discover how to solve puzzles. This is a product children can play alone or with others. This product helps your child improve eye-hand and fine motor coordination. The colorful pieces fit into a new bright, sturdy, blue case with a handle. There are activity cards to match the shapes and sizes. This product definitely extends children's P.Q. (play quotient).


Let's Learn Educational Toys
12-36 mos.

My First Bowling Game

This is a unique, new game in bright red, white, and black soft pins and two balls. The 6 pins will stand and then fall down when they are hit with one of the balls by your young bowler. The products are hypoallergenic and easily washable. The set comes with a carrying case that makes it a perfect item to take along to provide fun, easy physical activity for children.


Let's Learn Educational Toys
12-36 mos.

Puzzle Shape Sorter

This is a new ,soft puzzle cube. It's a many-sided shape sorter and gives your child an opportunity to have fun while they are traveling. Pieces fit into pre-formed shapes and are held in place by velcro. The traveling case makes it easy to take along and to store after play. The pieces include a star, circle, triangle, heart and other shapes. This product helps child learn dexterity, coordination, and logic.


Little Genius


This toy was created by a talented art teacher, Aaron Kurzen, who taught at the Dalton School in New York City. He created holograms, designed environmental sculpture later scaled down to become Space Maze. The structure allows children to move through and play in the different panel connections. The shapes become whatever your child wants them to be-- from rocket ship, theater, to a castle. It folds into a 20x20x6 size. Safe, fun and appropriate for boys and girls.