MAYA Group
3-18 mos.

Tiny Love 1-2-3 Discovery Lane

This ingenious playground can be shaped in three different ways: First, as a circle for young baby (to 6 months). The second, in a curved lane which helps your child move along crawling from one to another activity (up to 12 months). And the third in the shape of a cone where the child (up to 18months) can stand and throw the ball into the hole and look for it. Each activity provides appropriate stimulation. There is a mirror with a toy attached, twinkling sounds with sun rays, water mat that has fish and sparkling colors. You can fill the mat with water. There are geometric shapes for grasping plus soft toys have animal sounds. A great buy it fits into a easy take along travel case. Tiny Love products offer many appropriate activities.


1-12 mos.

Exercise with Daddy & Me

This is a terrific new video product, specifically made for fathers to encourage and improve their interaction with their children. This 50-minute video covers exercises, including warm-up, arm exercises, cool-downs, and infant massage. It is a perfect next step to bring fathers and children closer together. This product came from Scott Becker, pediatrician& Corinne Becker,RN, who encourage dads to bond with their children and express love by sharing special skills and abilities. With games, songs, and movements, this valuable video is becoming popular.


Nana Banana Classics

Velveteen Rabbit Coloring Book

This is one of a fine line of oversized books (14 x20) and includes a delightful plush toy representing the Velveteen Rabbit. It makes this book even more enjoyable. This series of books tell classic tales in 32 pages. They are large, easy to handle and enjoy reading aloud. The creative fun comes when your child colors in the pages with crayons, markers or water colors. It is an activity to bring the whole family together. Profits from series supports a variety of charities and assists children like Ronald MacDonald houses, Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camps, Inner City Schools, and other charities. Other titles in the series include Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, the Nutcracker, Beauty and the Beast. Remember to display finished art work.


New Discoveries

Nikki Piper: An Alligator Tale

Nikki Piper, An Alligator Tale is a video tape to provide an awareness of different animals with live action and puppets. Your child will learn about Nikki Piper, an inquisitive 8-year old who lives on an island with friends who are an octopus, crab, and giant ants. The child learns about the importance of alligators and it will capture their imagination. This video is one everyone in the family can enjoy. A highly recommended tape to encourage children to understand and appreciate wild life.


North American Bear Company

Baby Doll Bear

This large, cuddly 21 " baby doll bear is a delightful playmate. He is all ready to play role playing with your child in a blue and white removable romper and bib. Additional accessories are sold separately and include a bassinet ($30) a bottle and pacifier set ($10). An 8 1/2" Baby Doll Bear with three different outfits and a squeaker inside is another choice in this great line of bears and playthings.