Pinck & Whyte


Here is a terrific kit that can help children make a colorful and enjoyable tee shirt to wear. There is an alphabet and 90 different pieces of art. Your child can make it on a plain tee shirt or any other fabric. There are instructions for making aprons, smocks, sheets, pillows, and other crafts. The can make messages that say "Happy Birthday," "Congratulations," or whatever else they might want to set. A perfect product for anytime of the year.



Magic Kyte 3

This versatile and colorful kite will help children learn about air and enjoy the sense of fun of flying. It folds up easily to be carried along for travel and can be easily taken out and stored in its pouch. When it opens up it forms a terrific, light, colorful kite. Add string and you've got a fun activity that will delight the whole family on a windy afternoon.




This is a play house (dimensions 5x5x5) that can be used and set up anywhere. A versatile, portable play structure it can easily become a club house, hideout, or anything your child will enjoy making. It connects to tunnels and other Playhut products. This product helps to develop communication and imagination.



Shoot A Round

This is an indoor and outdoor play arcade that offers basketball and responds to the players. It has a pop-up feature which makes it easy bend and to store. It's fun to play and it's great for coordination. There are 4 balls and a carrying case. It's a terrific item to take along for picnics for a great way to play outdoors. It can be used indoors any time. Good for coordination and physical activity.