79 Spin Master Toys
Air Hogs Air Pressure Engines

The Air Pressure Engines use air pressure instead of batteries to power the engine. These are safe, easy for kids to fly, durable and of high quality. A video is included with each product. It includes a docking station pump which makes it easy to fly. Attach the wings, pump it up and watch Air Hogs fly over a hundred yards. Great for your young pilot to learn the science of flying while having outdoor fun.


Straight Edge
12-24 mos.

Rub a Dub Dub Books

Here are two delightful, pressure sensitive books that teach while listening to music. The first one ABC plays the alphabet song. A perfect book to take along to the bath.The second is Old MacDonald's Musical Farm that offers the classic song and learn the names and sounds of six animals and great to take along on a trip. They are colorful, well designed and easy to use.


Straight Edge

Steam Engine Inside-Outside

These 12 piece puzzles have two layers. Your child can remove the top puzzle and will see the inside. The first in the series is a steam engine based on a 19 Century steam engine. Pictures are bright and eye-catching. Then see the middle of a train. There is an explanation of how it moves. The fire engine puzzle is based on a modern truck that a child would see in any fire station. When you remove the outside panel, you see how the truck, pump and water is available to fight fires. These are great products to take along on any trip.


Sugar Beats Entertainment

Back to the Beat

This is a new CD or cassette that allows children to enjoy a variety of good songs in an upbeat way. The songs include "Mockingbird," "You Really Got Me,'" "Shower the People," and other songs from the '60s and '70s. It is a brand new fun way of listening to music and getting children to dance and move. This was a family activity with some outstanding musical talent involved in the program, including Carole King who joins her daughter, the founder of Sugar Beats, Sherry Kondoy in her Classic hit, "You've Got a Friend." This is the third in the series of upbeat music for young children from this creative company.