TREK Interactive

Everglades Journey

This is a CD-ROM that brings the wonders of the Everglades to the viewer. With excellent photography, plenty of sound effects, and many facts this is an excellent resource. It provides scientific information about animals, birds, and plants. Your child will have adventure, navigate, and learn more about each area of interest. There are matching games and programs that provide greater awareness of the environment. This is a very important geographic area that needs understanding.


Twin Sisters Productions

Growing Minds with Music
This product is an excellent collection of classical music that couldn't be more timely or important. Music helps children understand, think, and develop creativity. The music includes "Cannon in D," by Pachelbel, "Fox Minuet," "Mozart Sonata in C Major," and one of my favorites, "To A Wild Rose," by Edward MacDowell.This collection is perfect to play at any time for all children.

U.S. Games Systems

Kern Alphabet Card Games

Help your child learn the alphabet with this colorful and ingenious card game where the imagination is encouraged. The cards can also be used for games like Concentration or Rummy. Beautifully illustrated by Donna Kern this is a terrific product to take along on travel or to play at any time.


Uncle Milton

Surf Frogs Live Frog Habitat

This is a fun, unique way for children to learn about the frogs habitat. The tadpoles go into the habitat where you watch them grow into frogs. A special environment there is a dome, a feeding hatch, beach, surf shop and water tray. The dome is clear and perfect for easy observation. There is a coupon to mail in for one or two live tadpoles delivered directly to your child. Great opportunity to learn more about frogs. Uncle Milton recommends not taking wild frogs out of habitat. Ribbit!