Weeks Juvenile Products

Little Grower

A perfect play set with tools, shovels, mini-rakes, gloves, and a gardening apron. This series has other products in the set with buckets, other gardening tools as well as a wheelbarrow. This is part of a growing series of active playthings that will stimulate creative and dramatic play.


Wild Goose Company

Newton Undercover

This product provides a series of activities that help your young scientist learn biology, chemistry, and physics. A complete set inside includes test tubes, craft sticks, paper cups, tissue paper, coded messages, and the items your child needs to learn how to use light, sound, and unscramble coded messages. Complete directions also included.


Wild Goose Company

Crash and Burn Chem

In this kit your child can explore the sun. Included are chemicals, plants, test tubes, and all of the items needed to produce light. It also provides complete instructions. It is recommended adding some additional products, like goggles. an old dish, and magnifying glass. These are activities that are great for the children to do with parents and will provide many hours of fun and learning together.


Wild Planet Toys

Radio Watch

This digital watch with built- in radio allows your child to listen to the radio anytime, anywhere. Your child will enjoy music at his fingertips. Detachable earphones to store in his pocket when not in use. An automatic volume limiter prevents transmission of very loud sounds. Listening builds good habits plus your child will learn to tell time.


Williamson Publishing

Cut-Paper Play!

The 80 projects involved in this creative collection will provide lots of great activity. Your child will be able to create mosaics, curl paper, 3-D dimensionals, mobiles, and paper sculptures. They will learn many techniques and have a lot of fun. It has been put together by Sandi Henry, an art teacher. There are 160 pages with 150 how-to illustrations.