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Action Products International  

Logiblocks Electric City 1 Kit

9 - 12 years


Ph: 800-772-2846

Logiblocks is an innovative product that allows your child to develop projects using colorful small blocks. Logiblocks provide hours of learning and stimulation for your young scientist. With Logiblocks, children can experiment with light, sound and mirrors. 

The Electric City 1 Kit provides 16 colorful blocks, safety-coated wires, plugs, and a Playmat. There is a memory circuit that can be reset and a light signal that kids can flash on and off. The step-by-step instructions show how to build a burglar alarm for your child's room by using the Electric City Kit. 

Other projects can also be built. For example, kids can make a sensor mat to keep other children away from their belongings. They can make a light detector and equipment for a treasure hunt. Plus, the Electric City 1 Kit can be used as a tool for science fair projects.

This new and innovative electronic building system offers your young builder a new opportunity to make something very interesting. These colorful, small blocks provide hours of learning and stimulation. Your child will learn the basic principles of logic, how things work, and how systems build together. 

The series offers activities from simple to more complex, from starter kit to this innovative Electric City 1 Kit. A child can begin as young as four with the basic Buzz Kit and continue to build. 

In each kit, the yellow blocks are the input, and trigger the system using a button or a flash of light. The blue blocks carry the signal from place to place. The orange blocks do the thinking, and make sure that everything happens correctly. The red blocks are the output; they turn things off and on, and communicate through light and sound. There are also accessory packs available.

A Cambridge engineering graduate, inventor Tony Derivaz, designed the Logiblocks series in the United Kingdom.

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