Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line



Ampersand Press

Wild Seed Game

4 - 10 years


Ph: 800-624-4263



This new Ampersand Press game is an innovative nature game for children. It requires no reading. There are four different games that can be played at multiple levels. Wild Seed teaches children about life cycles and gives them an awareness of the environmental conditions needed to stimulate plants. The game stimulates interaction and discussion with a beautifully illustrated game board and action cards. There are color spots to designate movement around the game board, and a storybook that can be read to the child to introduce plant science. Also included are additional learning activities. This game will intrigue your children and they will learn a great deal. They can play in small groups with adults and have a great time with follow-up activities. They learn why some seeds grow and others donít. It is an excellent and socially responsible game in terms of its theme and in the way it helps children to learn about nature.

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