Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line



Mars 2020

8 - up


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Aristoplay features an excellent line of educational games with topics including geography, history, math, science, literature and the arts.
Mars 2020 centers on space ships. You are a member of the crew that is trying to be the first to land on Mars. Children can choose the role they play in the mission, selecting from characters such as the pilot, engineer, doctor, or scientist, and they follow the game board into orbit. Players race around the game board to be the first on Mars.

They encounter messages from Mission Control indicating problems, and these malfunctions are handled by answering questions correctly. There are 500 questions related to space, technology, and the science involved in traveling to Mars.

There is a space ship playing piece, eight crew member cards, Mission Control message cards, space port repair cards, a Mars marble and dice.
Mars 2020 is a game that children can play with each other and with adults. It has been endorsed by U.S. astronaut Jack Lousma, who logged over 1600 hours in space, piloting Sky Lab and space shuttle missions.

This is a fun and provocative game which will help your child learn more about science. This is a great project for the end of the year, which is also the start of a new millennium.

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