Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line

Chronicle Books  


5 -12 years


Ph: 800-722-6657

Rubberneckers is an exciting new travel card game that makes even traffic jams fun! Packaged in a sturdy, colorful box sized for glove compartment or seat storage pocket, Rubberneckers contains 68 cards with objects, people, or activities on them. Passengers score points by locating the object on their card (like a smokestack or a car with three or more bumper stickers) or by engaging passengers in other cars - to wave or give you a thumbs up, for instance. Shake things up with wild cards, car-pool cards, super Rubbernecker cards, and share the road cards. Perfect for family road trips.

This is a great combination of games for fun in the car. Your child, like every other child, gets bored sitting in the car with nothing to do. To make your trips more pleasant, use this box of 68 glossy cards. They all have something to look at and there are many wonderful activities for your child to do. Also available from Chronicle are 52 Fun Things To Do in the Car and in the Plane. This is a definite holiday gift to make travel any time of the year more pleasant for you and your child.

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