Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line



Grolier Interactive   

Year 2000 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

9 - 12 years  


Ph: 203-797-3530

This outstanding multimedia encyclopedia, in a comprehensive and easy-to-use format, will give your learner an intellectual advantage. The Grolier Encyclopedia details a thousand years of significant developments in world history. Through the most interesting highlights of world events it brings the life of the past—the people, places and events—into your child’s understanding. There are many new animations, documentary videos and music that all add to a complete learning experience. The articles and information provided by Grolier Interactive will make your student learn with greater ease. There are more than 16 hours of sound, 26,000 articles, and internet links updated monthly, and more than 15,000 images including maps, photographs, panoramas, videos, and hundreds of graphics and special characters. This is considered to be the most comprehensive multimedia encyclopedia available and after close examination, you will agree. 

While you are examining CDs for learning, check out “Nature Virtual Serengheti,” the new educational science CD-Rom that offers an understanding of East African locales and animals. Another outstanding children’s software product.

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