Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line



Immuel Toys


6 - 12 years  


Ph: 800-870-6903

This is an imaginative toy that helps children with their physical balance and dexterity. It is a long-handled stick and a coordinating wheel, both light and easy to use. It is safe to use, helps develop eye-hand coordination and other skills, and can be used alone or in a group. There is some need to learn how to use it properly but once you learn it, there's a lot that the child can do.

Jasper Harding was recognized when in Canada for saving a drowning victim's life. He came to the Americas from Jamaica. He was always playing with the popular wheel and stick toy there. He created this upgraded product to provide children with a lot of fun. There are different positions for the wheel to be used in. There's a lounging, an upright, and a sideways position. The stick ends in prongs that hold the wheel in different positions. Learning to do this will provide your child with dexterity.

The Immuel Toys material enclosed with Sweel provides some interesting historical facts. Children use available materials for fun. They make up toys from junk. They've made toys from barrel hoops and sticks, hub caps and a rod from a broken umbrella, bicycle wheels and a stick. Children can make that hoop and wheel or hub cap swirl, flip, spin, stay up, stay put, bounce, and slide. In other words, they can make it dance. Jasper Harding used his memories as a child to do the same thing with his Sweel.

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