Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line


Leapfrog Toys

Phonics Writing Desk

3 - 5 years  


Ph: 800-701-3327

Another winner from this innovative company. This learning system desk will help your children practice writing skills as they learn the alphabet, phonics and words. There are games that help them through letter recognition and word creation. The magic screen and magic pen writes letters and words. As children learn to read and write, they can check their words by comparing what they write with letters on the LCD screen. The friendly help button talks to them, encourages them, and provides hints. This makes learning reading and writing more fun and gives children immediate feedback. There are over 500 new words included in six learning games, plus an easy-to-use carrying handle and an automatic shut-off. You will need three "AA" batteries to operate the system. Your child will definitely benefit from this innovative product.

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