Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line


LEGO Mindstorms

Robotics Discovery Set

9 - 12 years  


Ph: 800-453-4652

This innovative product enables children to enter the world of robotics. The Discovery Set does not require a home computer—you can create the program directly on the "Scout" microcomputer. Your young robotocist will select a combination of commands by toggling through an on-board menu screen. The screen’s icons send the robot forward to seek out light. The little “bug” heads to the brightest light in the room, or follows someone shining a flashlight. These systems were created for older children but they are challenging for bright younger ones. There are complete building instructions for creating a futuristic bug, an intruder alarm, and an electronic hoop for playing games. You can create other things by using your own imagination. There are over 400 pieces in this Discovery Set, including a Scout microcomputer with built-in light sensor, two touch sensors, two motors, building instructions, and an activity guide. The Mindstorms concept is an extension of Lego's research into creative tools that help children develop their creativity, problem solving skills, and imagination. Lego has been working with MIT media lab to develop these innovative new products.

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