Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line

Rokenbok Toy

Action Factory Starter Set

6-10 years  


Ph: 888-476-5265

This is an innovative and delightful product to use. It gives your children lots of learning along with their play. This particular start set includes 211 building pieces and accessories plus an action sorter and motorized conveyor. It also includes one wireless Radio Controlled loader vehicle, a command deck with eight radio keys, and one control pad. This product can be added to fit other compatible systems until you have created a whole town with plenty of activity. Children are looking for products that provide involvement and this is definitely one of those products. The company offers play activities for young children, and as they develop, Rokenbok provides more complex products. The founder of the company, Benjamin Klaas Rokenbok, has been fascinated with toys for modeling. He grew up in the Netherlands in the 1920s and enjoyed developing this new wireless RC building system after working for a long time in the computer industry. This is a product that will hold your child's interest for a long time to come.

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