Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line



Selecta Spielzeug


4 - 8 years


Ph: 518-273-0726

This is a beautiful, colorful dollhouse. It is well made and can be put together easily. Your child will have a wonderful time playing with this dollhouse. It consists of one story and a roof. But you can add additional stories. Here is a wonderful opportunity to decorate, to play, and to enjoy a great dollhouse. Selecta Spielbeug has been in business for over 30 years. They have a high degree of quality in their products. Selecta provides educational value and builds with natural materials. These products are non-toxic and are safe for all children. They have a good smell and color, with a smooth finish. All sharp edges are removed and they're sanded and polished. This is a company that is providing great products for the new generation.

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