Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line


Small Fry Productions

Brainy Baby, Left and Right Brain

6 - 36 months  

$15.95 each volume

Ph: 800-521-5311

This is a 2-part set for developing creative and analytical abilities. This Small Fry series, developed by Dennis Fedoruk, helps the child with very positive images. There are pictures and animations of children playing with toys and imaginative patterns. There are also stacking objects, letters, numbers, black and white shapes, and more. There is classical music and a very nice mix of visuals. Children can benefit from short periods of time observing videos that are well-produced. Small Fry Productions' founder has looked carefully at film and video production, has worked in it for many years, and has found an innovative way to provide early stimulation. Helping your child with a balance use of both areas of the brain is important and beneficial. Children need to think both logically and creatively. Volume 1 is geared to the right brain, encouraging creativity, imagination and perception. There is art, drawing, objects, geometry and different objects. Imagination is provided with objects such as butterflies, teddy bears, puzzles. Volume 2 is designed to stimulate the left brain with visuals to encourage growth in math, language and logic. Different concepts are introduced, like adding and subtracting, the alphabet and simple sentences. There is also the use of black and white and red patterns. The music and background is pleasant to the ear and certainly will engage your child's viewing interest.

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