Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line



Uncle Milton

EM3 Robotic Extender Arm

8 - 12 years  


Ph: 800-869-7555

Just in time for the year 2000, this trigger-controlled gripper claw extends 26" at a push of a button for a very long reach. It retracts to a compact size for ease of mobility. It can be used to grasp specimens, or to collect forms and soil samples. There is a built-in light that pops up for nighttime expeditions. The official EM3 Mission Manual is included. The gripper teeth can grasp large specimens. Twenty missions to Mars are scheduled over the next 10 years. There is a goal of putting humans on the planet in the early 21st century. There certainly will be an interest in extended space-related educational toys and this is a sure-fire hit. Uncle Milton has joined forces with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to develop interplanetary toys for kids. Each product will bear the official NASA logo and mission insignia. They will help to educate and provide information to children about the space program. There are a series of products in addition to the extension arm: the Terra Colony Habitation Module, a Dome Tent, the HydroPac drink unit dispenser, long-range mission communicators, and walkie-talkies. The Uncle Milton company was established in 1946 by Milton Levine, who first introduced the Ant Farm in 1956.

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