Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line



Wild Goose Company

Leonardo Di Vinci

8 - 12 years  


Ph: 888-621-1040

Leonardo Di Vinci was a visionary. He created the Mona Lisa and gizmos for flying; he provided methods for building bridges and castles; and he provided information on new ways to understand things. In this kit you learn to construct an arch and crane, pour a cast of your thumb, paint the Mona Goose, make a pyramid parachute, and you have plenty of art and science to combine. There are nine activities in this kit and by the time you've gone through all the products and the activities, you will thoroughly understand Leonardo Di Vinci. 

Haredini  is a magician who shares science secrets and performs mind boggling illusions. You will learn how pH changes, how the flicker rate of the human eye produces chemical reactions, and you will discover manipulations of light, polarity, optical illusions, and air pressure differences as you take center stage with the great Haredini as your assistant. There are 15 activities in this set.

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