Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line



Wild Planet Toys

Mega Dome Chemistry Chamber

8 - 12 years  


Ph: 800-247-6570

As always, Wild Planet has great products for kids and this year is no exception. The Mega Dome is the first ever self-contained kid's lab. This is a high-tech space capsule. Mega Dome is an experiment chamber with various gadgets. Kids can create mutant slime, atomic putty, bouncing comet balls, and lunar crystals.. There is an elevator platform will raise and lower a beaker into the Mega Dome chamber and windows to watch the experiment in action, a light to show what's going on, and a spinning base to give your young scientist views from every angle. The suspense grows in the magnified viewing windows. There are easy instructions and everything you need to make 4-6 fun and usable items. There is an activity book and instructions. Common ingredients, such as baking soda and vinegar, are used in the Mega Dome. It's a safe environment and something easy to take apart and put away that will also fascinate your child. Wild Planet has been developing great products for a long time. This year, they included a product designed by a 15-year-old.

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