Best Classic Toys - 1999


Uncle Goose Toys   ABC Blocks


1.5  - 5 years


Ph: 800 774-2046

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The alphabet blocks are made from basewood as a 1-3/4 inch square. They come in a basic unit in a wagon or in a box. Other variations include Braille and Braille math blocks. There is a version of nursery rhyme blocks as well. They are used by the child's imagination.

Uncle Goose was founded by William Bultman who brought about a revival of the classic embossed ABC block in 1983 - when he found out that the blocks he had played with as a child were no longer available. He was making classic wagons and he added the Uncle Goose alphabet blocks. Since he passed the business on to his sons, Scott and Peter have kept the tradition alive. They are based on the turn of the century set of blocks made by the embossing company of Albany, New York. They made products from 1879 to 1955. Previously, toys like this were made by fathers or grandfathers during the winter by hand. The kindergarten movement fueled an interest in educational value of play and toys like the alphabet blocks were sought for alphabets as well as for numbers. Blocks were a favorite toy of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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