Best Classic Toys - 1999


Roller Coaster


18 months - 4 years

Ph: 800-999-9599

3-dimensional Roller Coaster

This well designed, 3-dimensional manipulative rollercoaster offers your child the opportunity to play and be challenged. He will develop a variety of skills, eye-hand coordination, motor and perception. For example, you can encourage your child to move the beads from one end to the other following the paths. Start with one color and talk about the colors and identify them as they roll on. Your child will practice visual tracking by following the movements with their eyes, going slow or fast, up or down. They can create new forms of using the product into pretend-play. Encourage your child to discuss words and sounds as they play and identify colors, pointing to red, blue, or green, and so on. They can make groups of one, two, or more. They can solve problems like the longest wire. There are many other skills involved in this well constructed, durable and long-lasting product that will engage your child and help them develop. A very good value.

Fleur Chesler graduated from the University of Southern California Business School Entrepreneur Program. She began her own company in 1982 after she tried to find specific educational toys for her own children. She began with the original rollercoaster. She distributed the rollercoaster to pediatricians and teachers who found that by using them in their office or classroom children were engaged happily for a long time. The products have endured and grown over time.

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