Best Classic Toys - 1999


Uncle Goose Toys

Barnyard Jumble


3  - 12 years


Ph: 888-774-2046

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The BarnYard Jumble puzzle features Willy Mixtup Clown with Many Faces has over 200,000 unique combinations. By turning the nine blocks children can have a lot of fun creating a variety of faces. It has been around for over a hundred years. It has always been enjoyed. It explores children's different points of view and ability to be creative. Another variation of this is the Barnyard Jumble and the planet mixed up.


Uncle Goose was founded by William Bultman who brought about a revival of the classic embossed ABC block in 1983 - when he found out that the blocks he had played with as a child were no longer available. He was making classic wagons and added blocks and puzzles. Since he passed the business on to his sons, Scott and Peter have kept the tradition alive. They are based on the turn of the century set of puzzles.

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