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Marshall Brodien®
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Marshall Brodein Cards


8 - 12 years


Ph: 800 621-5426

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World-famous magician, Marshall Brodien, has created magic products for Cadaco. There are over 50 different sets in the series. He has been a pioneer in magic and has done performances on television. He has designed magic products for other magicians. He has been a magician since age 8 and made his debut at age 16 in Chicago. He has done many kinds of performances, but now develops original products that the next generation of magicians can perform. The product, Magician's Card Tricks, has clear instructions and will captivate your young Houdini. Your child will gain confidence by performing magic and it will teach him a lot of skills.

This company is one of the oldest independent family-owned game and toy companies founded in 1935. They offer many products and games, including Tripoley and Basket.

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