Best Classic Toys - 1999


Hasbro/Milton Bradley
Candy Land


3 - 6 years


Ph: 888-836-7025

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Candyland is a child's first game. Playing a game like this helps the child in many ways--socialization, learning rules, following directions and identifying colors. Two to 4 players can play from ages 3 and up. It is a fun game for the whole family to play. The child can begin by just recognizing basic colors. Each player advances along the rainbow path through the peppermint stick forest, the gingerbread plum tree and the gumdrop mountain. The players use the plastic gingerbread man as the playing pieces. There are colorful pieces in four colors and cards.

The Legend of the Lost Candy Castle is printed inside the box and can be read out loud. The game parts can be stored below it. The game board is colorful and has lots of yummy candy references. You play the game by moving the gingerbread playing pieces on the gameboard spaces that match the colors and pictures of the drawn cards. The object is to be the first player to reach the candy castle. There are specific directions to play. You can play with one color rock, two color blocks and picture cards. If you are the first person to reach the last purple space, or move beyond the last purple space, you reach candy castle and have won the game. There are barriers along the way, like the wreath gooey gumdrops lost in the lollypop woods or stuck in the molasses swamp.

Eleanor Abbott of San Diego, California was recuperating from polio in 1940. She occupied herself devising games and activities for other children who had polio. One of her inventions was Candyland. Her friends liked the game and submitted it to Milton Bradley where it was accepted. It was introduced first in 1949 and has become a classic.

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